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Property History   

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The property on Katy Freeway (Interstate 10) at Silber Rd. for years belonged to the Silber family.  Back in the 50's, the family sold most of the property as it was passed on to a younger generation of family members.  The current property was kept and put under long term lease with a large corporation

In the 70s, the ground lease was sold to Shell Oil Company who built a self service gas station on the property and operated it until Fall of 2005.  The Texas Department of Transportion made plans to take a portion of the property to make the feeder road wider.

At this point, Shell decided that they wanted to exit the ground lease as they have another location close by.  The property is free and clear of all liens and has been made available for purchase immediately.  For sales information, please contact the agent using the Contact Agent link on each page..

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